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Coop Voices

David Spradlin

CEO: Springer Electric Cooperative, Inc.

It’s important that elected officials – at all levels of government – understand the unique and complex issues that co-op consumer-members and their communities face. Staying engaged through regular contact with our legislators will help achieve this goal. Educating our directors, employees and consumer-members on these issues is vital in order to educate our legislators. I encourage everyone to be involved politically and have their voice heard.”

Coop Voices

Stephanie Okuniewski

Public Affairs and Member Services Specialist, Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association

As a cooperative, the member community is first and foremost. We advocate on the behalf of members, encourage them to identify themselves as cooperative members when they have the opportunity, and urge them to have their voices heard through the voting process. Together, we work to strengthen the foundation the cooperative is built upon.”

Coop Voices

Andrew Vehorn

Legislative Affairs Director, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives

We want to encourage co-op members to be involved in the political process. It is vitally important for them to be engaged in their communities and to be involved in decisions that impact their lives. They need to make their voice heard.”

Our Issues

  • Protect Your Pension Benefits

    NRECA urges Congress to change the formula for insurance premiums and stop PBGC from overcharging multiple-employer defined benefit pension plans that cover rural cooperatives.

  • Infrastructure

    America’s Electric Cooperatives oppose selling the PMAs and TVA, or any assets owned by those entities, to raise revenue for the federal government.

  • Broadband Access

    America’s Electric Cooperatives support legislative efforts to increase access to affordable and reliable broadband in areas where we serve.

  • Tax-Exempt Status

    Recent changes to the Internal Revenue Code created an unintended consequence for rural electric cooperatives and could jeopardize a cooperative’s tax-exempt status.

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