Coop Voices

The voices of America’s Electric Cooperatives are amplified by our leaders.

Meet a few of these leaders, and see what they have to say about the power of advocacy.

Kerry Kelton

General Manager & CEO: Mid-South Synergy

As leaders of electric cooperatives and members of our communities, it is important to keep our members informed when polices and regulations will impact the quality of their lives. Our continued political engagement and building of relationships is vital to our collective success in Washington D.C. and our state capitals. I encourage all of our employees and members to stay engaged in our local and national politics.”

Stephanie Okuniewski

Public Affairs and Member Services Specialist, Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association

As a cooperative, the member community is first and foremost. We advocate on the behalf of members, encourage them to identify themselves as cooperative members when they have the opportunity, and urge them to have their voices heard through the voting process. Together, we work to strengthen the foundation the cooperative is built upon.”

Andrew Vehorn

Legislative Affairs Director, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives

We want to encourage co-op members to be involved in the political process. It is vitally important for them to be engaged in their communities and to be involved in decisions that impact their lives. They need to make their voice heard.”

Phil Bashaw

Director, Government Relations & Grassroots Advocacy

Because of the way electric co-ops are structured, grassroots engagement is an advantage for us over other utility models. Our interests are so closely aligned with our consumer members, we can ask them for help on issues that impact their cooperative. Participating in grassroots campaigns gives the consumer members the opportunity to remind elected officials of the cooperative difference. It also draws the electric cooperatives closer to the communities they serve and provides an example of how, collectively electric co-ops continue to be an integral part of rural America.”