Co-op Voices

The voices of America’s Electric Cooperatives are amplified by our leaders.

Meet a few of these leaders, and see what they have to say about the power of advocacy.

Nicole Arnold

Communications & Public Affairs Manager of Randolph EMC, NC

Don’t let the challenges of COVID-19 prevent you from engaging with your member of Congress. We owe it to our members to keep their concerns forefront through our grassroots efforts. This summer, our Congressman was happy to schedule a virtual meeting with our Board of Directors and Senior Management Team. The invaluable experience made for one of the most focused and beneficial interactions I have ever had with a legislator.”

Andrew Vehorn

Vice President of Governmental Affairs at Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives.

We want to encourage co-op members to be involved in the political process. It is vitally important for them to be engaged in their communities and to be involved in decisions that impact their lives. They need to make their voice heard.”

Leslie Kraich

Community and Member-Relations Coordinator of TCEC, OK

TCEC uses our member newsletter, website, social platforms and events, internal employee weekly bulletins and digital message boards to encourage voting. We communicate with our elected officials on the local, state and national levels and provide information for election dates and ballot information.”

Pat Ahearn

Director of Political Affairs, NRECA

Our mission for NRECA’s grassroots is to help our members be strong advocates and there is no better advocate than one who tells their own personal story about how an issue will directly affect them, their family, their job or their community. Personal, local, and direct constituent grassroots advocacy contact with members of Congress and staff are proven to be effective time and time again.”