Voter Checklist

With the end of this election cycle quickly approaching, here are some quick tips to consider before you go to the polls.

Confirm your registration:

If you have voted in the past and haven’t recently moved you are all set. If you are uncertain of your registration status, here are a few resources that you can tap. The website offers an online form to check your registration. You can also visit the voter information page at to find contact information for your state election officials.

Find your polling location:

It is always a good idea to confirm your polling location. The voter information page at provides links to polling place locators by state.

Know the candidates:

To find out who the ACRE-supported candidates for U.S. Senate and House are in your state, visit the ACRE Supported Candidates List by State.

To learn more about the candidates and elections in your home state, visit  Hint: Use your email address and last name to log in in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. This will ensure that you get individualized information about the races in your state.

Go prepared to vote:

Every state differs on voter eligibility requirements. It is a good to know what is required when you show up at the polling place. The League of Women Voters offer this online tool that provides state-by-state voter eligibility requirements.

You are ready – Go Vote!

Check out the Co-ops Vote website  for more information, and listen to our “Along Those Lines” podcast episode on the importance of the rural vote.